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Below are some technical details and further information on solar PV technology.

Solar PV modules:

At Current Generation we pick the right solar modules for your installation. We source materials from across the PV industry. Below is a selection of some of the panels we offer. 

Sanyo HIT series 225-250Wp    As of April 2012 Panasonic officially took over from Sanyo. This makes little/no difference to the modules themselves other than the name, there will probably be a significant overlap time when modules branded as Sanyo or Panasonic are available. The Sanyo HIT range of PV modules are known for their use of hybrid solar technology, combining both crystalline and amorphous silicon in one module. The Sanyo HIT range are amongst the most powerful, high efficiency modules on the market with module efficiency reaching 19%.

Schuco MPE PV modules  Schuco is a well established and respected manufacturer of PV modules and mounting systems. The MPE range features positive power performance tolerances from 0-+5% meaning the power of the modules purchased will always be equal or in excess to that stated.

Sharp ND NU Series 175-240Wp  Sharp are one of the longest established manufacturers of PV modules producing a wide range of module sizes and power outputs. Sharp assemble PV modules at their facility in Wrexham in Wales.

Suntech STP PV module 200 and 240Wp  Suntech are one of the largest suppliers of PV panels in the world, and have an excellent power output warranty 5 years to 95%, 12 years to 90%, 15 years to 85% and 25 years to 80%.

ZN Shine Gallium series modules
  ZN Shine use Gallium instead of Silicon the manufacture of thier PV modules, Gallium is traditionally used in the space industry for satelite and space craft PV.

Romag Powerglaz series Romag manufacture in the North East of England and produce a variety of modules ranging from solar slates to laminates and traditional framed modules.

Mitsubishi PV-TDMF5 Mitsubishi are a global company and thier latest range of high-efficiency modules come with the option of black frames.

Azur Solar P 230-3 modules The Azur Solar 230Wp modules (when A2p coated) come with an industry leading power output gaurentee of 98% after 20 years.

Bosch Solar Ci m and p series Current Generation are pleased to be able to offer PV modules from Bosch a household name with an excellent range of solar products.

Q-Cells Q-Cells are one of Europes largest manufacturers of PV modules and provide very high quality and efficiency silicon and thin film PV modules.

Kyocera KD series Kyocera have been producing Solar PV modules for over 30 years and recorded a world record for cell efficiency of 18.5% in 2006, Kyocera supply a wide range of modules including frameless options for roof integration.

Latitdue Solar P60
Latitude solar manufacture solar PV modules in Sweden and use special prismatic glass to trap more sunlight in the cells than glass used in standard silicon PV panels, as a result the yeilds are 4-8% greater than normal, with even greater yeilds achievable for non-ideal orientations.

Upsolar 250Wp Poly and Mono Upsolar haave been producing award winning PV panels for number of years the 250Wp range fits well in the UK market, can come with black frames and backing.

Phono Solar 250Wp Onyx Phono solar have releaseed this sleek looking black panel into the UK market for 2014.

BenQ Sunforte series The BenQ Sunforte comes in 330Wp and 327Wp power ratings making it the most effcient panel in the world.

We also supply PV tiles from a number of the leading manufacturers.

Solar Inverters:

The inverter is the key component of the Solar power system and provides a number of important safety and efficiency functions. Current Generation only uses the highest quality inverters from well known manufacturers.  Many allow for wireless monitoring of the PV system performance using Bluetooth or Wi-fi. 

SMA Sunny Boy Inverters  SMA have been producing inverters for the Solar PV market for 25 years and now has an entierly CO2 neutral production facility in Germany. The Sunny Boy 2000/2500/3000HF (high frequency) inverters have greatly improved the range of systems that can be controlled by SMA inverters.

SolarEdge and Microinverters Shading issues and roofs with multiple orientations can be mitigated by using micro inverters or the solaredge solution, whereby each panel is electrically seperated from the others.

Fronius Inverters Fronius have been at the forefront of invertor development with the Fronius IG and Fronius IG plus ranges providing a solution for almost any system size.

Current Generation also supply inverters from Diehl, Eversolar and Power One.

Battery systems come in two different forms, grid tied or stand alone. A battery system that is grid tied is designed to store PV energy for use at night, however, if there is a power cut or there is no generator to provide a fixed voltage the battery and pv system shut down for safety reasons (anti-islanding). Stand alone battery systems can potentially operate during a power cut however, you will also need an inverter capable of producing a mini grid and a demand management system.

There prices of grid connect battery systems is reducing and we expect to soon be offering the tesla system into the UK market.

Immersion Controls:
One of the easiest ways to store electricity from your PV system is to have an immersion controller installed. This system diverts power that would have been exported from your system to the grid back into your immersion heater. The energy is then stored as heat in the form of hot water. Wireless versions are available which allows the controllers to be installed where the electrics running into the immersion heater.

Mounting Systems:

Solar PV can be fixed to roofs or the ground in a number of ways, including:

Above tile using roof hooks:

Above a corruagted roof using rafer screws:

Roof integrated to lie flush or semi-flush with the tiles:

Flat roof and ground mounted systems on pitched frames:

It is also possible to mount PV systems on bespoke structures, walls, carports and for maximum output tracking systems.

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