24/11/2014 Current Generation are please to have joined Destination Basingstoke .

24/01/2014 Current Generation complete a 2.5kW install in Woking using the REC peak energy module, which performs very well in many independant tests.

11/12/2013 Do you need a small PV system to satisfy the SAP requirements on your new build property? Current Generation can offer solutions of just 1 or 2 panels keeping the cost down to just £2000.

19/11/2013 Current Generation offer service,maintenance and consultancy services for solar PV systems.

13/11/2013 With rising energy prices rising again, perhaps it's time to look at solar panels? Don't take our word for it though, read about it at

12/11/2013 Even if you don't need one now you can get a free electric vehicle charging point from

11/11/2013 The BBC have a great article on how the performance of solar panels can be improved by playing rock music at them, the vibrations prevent re-combination.

13/09/2013 Current Generation install a 4kW system using the all black Yingli 250 Panda series panel.

06/09/2013 Current Generation complete an installation using the Sunpower E 327 solar PV modules, the most efficient solar panels in the world.

06/08/2013 DECC announce that the current feed in tariff rates for new installations will be extended until 31 December 2013.

30/07/2013 Current Generation install a 2.2kWp solar PV system consisting of Perlight PV modules and an SMA Sunny Boy 2000HF inverter.

12/07/2013 Current Generation complete a 3.36kWp PV system using Panasonic HIT modules in Baughurst.

28/06/2013 Current Generation install a 3.8kWp PV system a Tadley.

21/06/2013 Current Generation install a Panasonic PV system in Beggarwood Basingstoke.

17/6/2013 Current Generation install PV systems in Newbury and near Chippenham.

06/06/2013 Despite 2/3 of EU member states voting against imposing duties on imports of Chinese solar PV materials, European trade commissioner, Karel de Gucht, has announced As of 6 June 2013, a duty rate of 11.8% will be introduced. On 6 August 2013, the rate will return to the levels originally proposed by the EC with an average of 46.7%.

21/05/2013 Current Generation becomes a certified Green Deal Installer.

22/4/2013 Current Generation head office PV system hits 3 megawatt hours!

30/4/2013 Current Generation becomes installation partner for Sharp Solar.

03/05/2013 Ofgem announces ne feed in tariff levels: From July 1st 2013 until 30th of September the top rate for the feed in tariff for 4kW and below will be 14.90p, 4-10kW will be 13.5p and 10-50kW will fall to 12.57p.

09/05/2013 Solar Power Portal confirms the European Commission will impose between 37.2% and 67.9% tariffs on Chinese solar module manufacturers.

30/5/2013 18 of the 27 EU member states vote against imposing anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar PV modules, however, it seems the EU commission intends to press on regardless.