Green Deal

The green Deal is a new initiative launched by the coalition government, the idea is that homeowners can apply for loans from Green Deal Providers who conduct an assessment of the property and can offer a finance package for energy efficiency improvements (including solar panels).

Current Generation are qualified Green Deal Installers of Solar Panels, and will be able to carry out installation work under the Green Deal scheme.

The Green Deal contract is between the property and the Green Deal Provider, so will be transferred to the new owner of the property should it be sold. Repayments are made by working out the reduction in your energy bill and using this difference to pay off the loan. Interest rates are from 7.5-9.5% and once the loan is repaid the current homeowner will on the system.

There are alternatives to the Green Deal, taking out a loan from an ethical bank such as Triodos, even a credit card with a 0% term or increasing your mortgage may prove to be better value than taking out a Green Deal loan.