UK Feed In Tariff

This scheme has been introduced by the UK Government to help increase the level of renewable energy in the UK towards our legally binding target of 20% of total energy from renewables by 2020.

The Feed In Tariff gives you:

  • A payment of 3.7p for all the solar electricity you produce, even if you use it yourself.  This is for systems up to 4kWp in size.   
  • Additional bonus payments for electricity you export into the grid, which is currently 4.85p per kWh. 
  • A reduction on your standard electricity bill, from using energy you produce yourself.
  • There are also Tariffs for systems larger than 50kW, systems off this size are also eligible for the Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) which is an alternative system

For more information please see the official Ofgem website at:

Current Generation can offer customers returns of over 10% to customers looking to claim Feed-in Tariff payments if they have favourable locations.

For more information about solar PV and the Feed in Tariff visit the Energy Saving Trust and Act on CO2.

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