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Pricing, how much do solar panels cost?

PV pricing from Current Generation:

The prices below are guidelines to what it currently costs to have a PV system installed by Current Generation, these prices include all the costs necessary, including access and VAT at 5%.

  • 1kW PV system £3,500
  • 2kW PV system £4,000
  • 3kW PV system £4,500
  • 4kW PV system £5,000

4kW PV system using Panasonic HIT panels costs around £8,000, Panasonic HIT panels produce  around 10% more energy annually  than Silicon poly or monocrystalline PV modules.

For other system sizes please contact us

Some factors mentioned below may increase/decrease these prices

  • Slate roofs, rare tiles
  • Roof access, scaffolding
  • Type of module, inverter
  • Monitoring systems
  • Minor structural roof work