Example Installations

3.36kW of Panasonic HIT VBH240SE10 PV modules in Basingstoke

1.8kWp Moser Baer PV system in Suffolk

A small Solar PV system in Basingstoke

A roof-integrated PV system in Hampshire

3.5kWp Solar PV system in Chineham, Hampshire Using Sanyo HIT 250Wp PV modules

3.25kWP Solar PV system in Woking, Surrey featuring Sanyo HIT 250Wp PV modules

3.94kWP Solar PV System in Bournemouth.  Featuring Suntech 190Wp PV Modules mounted on the sloping roof and Sharp NU 185Wp PV Modules mounted on Solion Sunmount frames on the flat roof. 

An installation near Yeovil of Sanyo HITN SE10 240Wp Solar PV Modules installed on concrete slate tiles 

3kWp PV system in Basingstoke featuring Sanyo HIT 250Wp PV modules

A 4kW PV system near Guildford

20 Perlight 190M PV modules

14 Panasonic HIT VBH240SE10 PV modules on a garage in Baughurst

A 2kW system on a bungalow in Great Shefford

3.9kW of Sunpower E327 PV modules, the most efficient solar panels in the world!

4kW of the Yingli 250Wp all black modules, they look great even on a cloudy day.

JA Solar Percium 285Wp Percuim Panels on a bespoke timber frame property.

14 Panasonic HIT PV modules and SMA Sunny Boy 3000HF inverter make a great combination, the array was designed to fit around the protruding gable at the front of the house.

The system opposite consists of 8 x Moser Baer 225Wp PV modules and SMA Sunny Boy 1700 inverter, installed on a directly south facing roof.

Between installation in January 2011 and 1st October 2011 the PV system has generated 1508 kWh.


This system has just 2 x Moser Baer 230Wp PV modules and a Mastervolt Soladin inverter, at just under 0.5 of a kWp it is a very small system. The system is on an east facing roof yet is still on course to produce 350-400kWh in its first year.

This will lead to a combined Feed in Tariff and electricity saving of £180-£200 (based on 2010 figures).

This mounting kit allows any framed PV modules to lie virtually flush with the roof tiles which reduces the roof loading and  is pleasing to the eye. In the image the modules and flashing have been installed and are ready for tiles.

Featuring 14 of the highly efficient Sanyo HIT 250Wp PV modules and a Sunny Boy 3000HF invertor, this system is predicted to produce 2900 units of electricity per year.

This system also uses 13 of the Sanyo HIT 250Wp PV modules to create a 3.25kWp PV system, the bottom row is installed in portrait and the top in landscape to make the most of the available roof area.

This system uses two types of panels at different pitches and therefore two invertors.  The system makes use of all available roof space, taking advantage of both the pitched and flat roof of the property.  The PV system is predicted to generate around 3100 kWh per year. 


These compact and highly efficient Sanyo modules are smaller than many of the other modules on the market, allowing best use of available roof space where ridges, windows or other obstacles may be present. 

Sanyo HIT 250Wp PV modules catching the evening sun, as of April 2012 Sanyo HIT will be re-braded as Panasonic.


This system uses 16 of the Sanyo (now Panasonic) HIT 250Wp PV modules to make the most of the 4kW Feed in Tariff rate, these payments are tax free and gauranteed for 25 years.

3.8kW of PV on a fibre slate roof in wiltshire, using an SMA SB3000HF inverter, slate standoff mounting kit and 20 x perlight 190 monocrystalline PV modules.

14 Panasonic modules and an SMA SB3300 inverter will provide over 3000 units of elctricity for the property.

The SMA sunny boy range of inveters include the SMA SB2000HF inverter which is perfectly sized for the small system on the bugalow opposite.

The system installed on this tricky chalet bungalow roof uses the Sunpower E327 PV modules, Sunpower have world records for solar panel efficiency of over 20% so even small or cluttered roofs can achieve 4kW.

The Yingli 250Wp Panda series of PV modules come with black backing and black frames, this makes for a very attractive module.

Planning requirements required that this bespoke property by Vision Development-Timber Frame Builders required 4kW of solar PV on a flat roof.

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